Training FAQ

Q: Does these course(s) help me apply for Universities outside India?
Ans: Yes, our courses are well outlined and streamlined not only for Indian Universities but also for
        USA/UK/Australia & European Universities. So having these courses taken in India along with
        certification completion and recommendation letter would not only help individual get a better
        shot in good universities but also an edge over other students abroad.

Q: Would these courses help me get better scoring in exams?
Ans: Yes, absolutely. Institute main aim is to focus on fundamentals, lot of labs and industrial exposure and
        more than that: small batches with personal attention

Q: Is Nano VLSI same as Basic VLSI Course?
Ans: Yes

Q: What are the Basic (Level 1), Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced VLSI (Level 3) curriculum look like?

Q: Are you like any other coaching classes?
Ans: No, we are not any other typical coaching classes. Idea is to train prospective candidates into chip
        design for better career path but simultaneously and equal focus is also maintained on your current
        curriculum and exams

Q: Will I get to work on live chip design project throughout the course?
Ans: Yes, that’s where we play the key role.

Q: Can I be placed or get a job at Atkom in VLSI?
Ans: Yes, highly likely. Depending on how you perform at Atkom VLSI Institute in all 3 VLSI Levels, chances
        are that we may put you full time employed at Atkom to do chip design for our International Client

Q: Is the distant learning facility available?
Ans: No but plans in place for future.

Q: Do I have to complete Basic VLSI (Level 1) to enroll into Intermediate (Level 2) & Advanced VLSI (Level 3)?
Ans: These will all depend on multiple factors: education background, entrance exam (if any) and personal

Q: Is group discount available?
Ans: Yes. Please call admissions for group discount.

Q: What kind of payment methods are acceptable?
Ans: Demand Draft (DD) or cheque

Q: On whose name should the DD (demand draft) or cheque be?
Ans: Atkom Infotech Pvt. Ltd.